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    Introducing tag management and data analysis that can separate insights from information.
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Tag first. Analyze second

Often, analytics tools are put into place without knowing how well they’re working. Before tools like Google Analytics can perform the way they’re designed to, you must first implement intelligent tag management. Then, and only then, are you able to collect smart data that can create a more action-oriented site experience.

Web Analytics Implementation.

tracking_iconHow do you properly map and track the elements on your site to align with your business requirements? Too often, companies are tracking too many unnecessary elements, but not the elements they need to make cogent business decisions.


Our philosophy is to:

  1. Begin with your business requirements in mind and implement the tracking elements that are essential for reporting to those objectives.
  2. Communicate these requirements to your development teams. Coding for web analytics is the bane of your dev team’s existence. To ensure accurate and complete web analytics implementations, we “spoon feed” coding instructions to your dev team.
  3. Begin the data validation process. Yes, it’s time-consuming and tedious, but critical to trustworthy outcomes. We ensure that the data in SiteCatalyst is data you rely upon.


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The browsing experience.

When it comes to your website, the browsing experience is everything. Tagging acts as a way to extract rich data about a user’s activity. You can better understand how to turn a browser into a buyer or take actions to ensure maximum site potential. Without intelligent tag management collecting the right kinds of information, you’ll miss opportunities to boost the browsing experience.

Opportunity at a glance

After the data has done its job delivering trusted insight you can use, it’s time to take the reporting and put it into context. We organize this information through the creation of automated dashboards that are easy to use and that summarize how metrics are performing both online and offline.

Automated Reporting Solutions

direction_iconOnce you feel you can trust the data, how do actually put it to use? So many metrics, custom variables and segments, and reports—it can be very daunting to see the important information you’re looking for.


With a little planning and setup, InteliQuant can set up automated dashboards which will allow you to dynamically compare key metrics across different user segments. These dashboards can also be built to incorporate offline data, so that you can see your web analytics solutions within the context of other key information. Check out our Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution to see how we best can help you manage—and benefit—from the wealth contained in these data.


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Track what’s smart.

It’s critical that your analytics tools track the right kinds of information. Many solutions track too much traffic and deliver too much of the wrong kinds of data. Our tag management, analytics tools and proven perspective distill all that information into a clear picture of what to do next. This kind of actionable insight creates the opportunities your business should be looking for.

Visualize hidden correlations

Sometimes it’s not so easy to see the connection between charts and data. Our software interprets action within metrics and reports back next steps in the form of custom visualizations that could benefit your business.

Have you ever wished you could see the correlation among multiple graphs?

visualize_IconWhy not combine them into one easy-to-read and, even more importantly, easy-to-understand dashboard? With correlated data it is easy to find problem areas or those you can trumpet as successes. Take advantage of those hidden opportunities to expand your business. Take the guesswork out of charts and data with custom visualizations built to your needs and wants.


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Select from one of our IQ Dashboard or Tableau templates or meet with a Data Engineer to build the chart designed for your success.


The Power of Interactive Dashboards

Can You Feel the Power?

Being able to interact with data opens up new opportunities for finding insights that are otherwise virtually inaccessible. Our BI software allows for users to drill down into vast amounts of data with various ways of filtering.

Manage Multiple Sources of Data

All in One! One in All!

InteliQuant is able to take all your data sources and combine them into a single central location.However, it is more than just centralizing your data. Data can be blended together to coorelate all the information into individual views or grouped dashboards. No more playing connect the dots between data sources to try and remember where data came from. Let us take care of that.

InteliQuant leverages the capabilities of PHP, MySQL, The Cloud, JavaScript and many other technologies to automate your data into a seemingly magical single source of data.

Any Amount of Data

Data Blocks to Data Warehouse

Working with hundreds of rows? How about millions of rows?

No matter what size your data is, InteliQuant is able to assemble a chart or view that is useful and efficient.

Ease of Implementation

Lets all get along

Most Business Intelligence software installs through the web and is operational in about 20 minutes. It integrates with Active Directory, so setup is simple and familiar for most users. Once installed users can create views and dig into data then publish them onto the internet. Executives and others can interact through a secured login via web browser without any downloads or plug-ins.

Ad-Hoc Visualization

I wonder what that would be?

Ever have a seemingly simple question but don’t have time to find all the data, dig through it then finally translate the answer you are looking for?

InteliQuant makes it easy to get simple answers quickly and easily through interacting with their software. Get those little nuggets of insights easily without the fuss.

Mapping Capabilities

Where in the world?

InteliQuant leverages the capabilities of data engings and BI software to transform that hard to visualize geographical data into an easy to understand and eye catching view.

The view below makes it easy to see what state sells the most and what category is the highest selling per state. However, this is only the beginning of the solutions offered by InteliQuant.



Buy more time. Spend less money

Our job is to limit the resources you’re spending on tying pieces of information together. Not only are you saving time by letting us translate your analytics into action steps, you’re also gaining more confidence in the decisions you make surrounding your digital marketing strategy.

Time is Money.

money_iconHow much time is wasted everyday searching for data and information?


Then, how much is lost trying to translate that information?


The InteliQuant automated data solution delivers relative and actionable information quickly and effortlessly without any of the guesswork. No more searching. No more translating. Spend your time focusing on running your business and let us take care of the searching and digging. After the initial set-up, the data is hands-free and automated. Both online and offline data can be incorporated into any easy-to-use dashboard.


Third-party services such as ExactTarget, Linkshare, Channel Advisor and many more can be automated to provide a seamless data-transfer solution that is cost-effective and worry-free.


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Inteliquant Analysis Solutions isn’t just a web analytics consultancy. We’re an opportunity company. One that can help you analyze, determine and implement the best course of action for your business when it comes to digital marketing.

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